Arabelle Chia (Ling Ling)

Effectively Bilingual, elegant and eloquent in presentation, speech and mannerism, Ling Ling is an extremely experienced emcee.She has hosted events of every scale varying from corporate functions, conferences and seminars,exhibitions, forums, roadshows, product launches, media events, opening and ground breaking ceremonies, major public and sporting events such as marathons, walks for charity, golf tournaments and lifestyle shows.Besides hosting, Ling Ling possesses other complimenting skills. She is a trained singer and is a talented actress who recently made her debut on the big screens in a local movie production “Wayang Boy” in November 2014.She is probably the only professional auctioneer in Singapore who is capable of conducting high-level arts, antiques, watches and jewellery auctions in both English and Mandarin.Ling Ling’s affable personality allows her to engage different audience effortlessly with games and activities made interesting in her own creative fashion. Spontaneous, sharp and with an acute sense of humour, she is definitely the mind-blowing factor to a successful event!Her strong rapport with clients who cannot get enough of her are testimonies to her professional capacity as an established Master-of-Ceremonies.

Benard Solosa Jr

Bernard J Solosa has had an illustrious career in entertainment starting as an International DJ working in Singapore, Malaysia & China, and has expanded his entertainment career as a Host / Presenter for 6 years.Since then, the character he has built as an emcee, has cultivated a sense of personal style and has put into place an emphasis on versatility as well as captivating the audience, whether it be with formal audiences or theme events.
"Professionalism, wit, humor and dedication, I find are the important ingredients in putting the audience at ease and ultimately giving them a feel good time from the start till the end of the event."

Bryan (The Bear) Lim

Bryan Lim, known affectionately as emcee Bear, is one of the more versatile show hosts in Singapore's entertainment circuit. Spontaneous and quick witted, he strives to entertain and charm at any event he is hosting at, leaving guests with a memorable entertainment experience. From Conferences, Roadshows to Corporate Dinners, emcee Bear is definitely one of your choices!Don't wait! give your event that versatility coupled with lighting quick wit and click on the button below for booking enquiries!

Catherine Yap

Blessed with the gift of the gab, event hosting has always been her passion. With 10 years in the events industry,Catherine has had the privilege to host all genres of events from conferences, award ceremonies, gala dinners, fashion shows, weddings, trade events, shopping centre/store promotions, rig christening, car dealer events, festivals, family fun days, carnivals, corporate Christmas parties & events, brand promotions, and more.

Chermaine Cho

Poised and sophisticated, Chermaine Cho’s elegant style, charming personality and quick wit makes her a capable Master of Ceremony.The first ever, female Mandarin host for Singapore Racing at the Singapore Turf Club. Chermaine Cho is effectively bi-lingual and she has hosted a women’s magazine program on TCS 8 and a lifestyle program on “Channel U” in 2007.She has a whole wealth of experience hosting a variety of prestigious events including the APEC Leaders’ “An evening at Esplanade” in which President Obama graced the event in 2009. With her elegant poise and quick wit, she is ready to charm the crowd for a mesmerizing event – a rare gem indeed.

Ckay Lim

CKay has appeared in numerous TV dramas in Channel 8 and 5. He became to be a more familiar face to the viewers in Singapore and Malaysia after the recent airing of Ch8's blockbuster, The Journeys : The Tumultuous Times, 动荡的年代 as ⼤大炮 (Da Pao) in 2014.Apart from acting, CKay is also a popular comedian show host and he is effectively bilingual. He performs predominantly in leading the audience into mood. He is said to be a warm, confident, hilarious and fast reacting host with humour, whether it's welcoming attendees, presenting videos, hosting games, singing, introducing speakers or recognizing award recipients, CKay's engaging style keeps a refreshing pace and invites audience participations and enthusiasm and he has a funny personality which adds fun and laughters filling the entire ballroom.His endless energy and engaging personality, makes any events or production to be remembered! He has different flair or hosting styles catered to different types of events. Show hosting is one of his forte and interest. As he is very effectively bilingual, CKay is a popular host for many government agencies, corporate companies, event management companies as well as production houses.

Cyril Lim

Cyril is definitely an industry veteran in the entertainment circuit. He has been a professional emcee for the past 20 years and is presently one of the most sought after emcees in Singapore. His involvements include high level conferences, gala dinners, award ceremonies both locally and regionally. Some of his highlight events include Cisco Systems Asia Pacific Sales meeting ( San Diego, 2012), AXA Agency Awards Gala Dinner (2012), Prudential Awards Gala Dinner(2012), AIA Presidents Club (Monte Carlo, 2012), Orange AP Sales Conference(Chiangmai 2012) and Borsch AP Sales Conference(Phuket 2012).Cyril definitely injects life into every event he takes on and is thus widely lauded by producers and talent agencies as a most charismatic emcee.

Happy Fei Fei

With 20 years of experience in the entertainment circle, the accomplished and vivacious Happy Fei Fei will captivate her guests with her repertoire of skills – Happy Fei Fei loves to crack jokes, dance and sing to and with her guests. She’s also fluent in English, Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese!Indeed, Happy Fei Fei is a top-notch entertainer who is a natural with the guests and loves them. And they too love her! The charming and bubbly comedienne’s antics and show-stealing performances will have her guests in stitches and rolling down the aisle in laughter and merriment time and again! They’ll only want more and more of her and indeed, many of Happy Fei Fei’s clients have asked for her year after year.

Harjit Tulsi

With 19 years hosting a myriad of events. Harjit Tulsi is regarded as one of Singapore’s most requested masters of ceremonies. His attention to detail, style and grandeur has made him a highly sought-after compere. Invariably well-groomed and styled in his three-piece suit, he is aptly referred to as the ‘A-List-emcee’ by many of his clients.Usually requested to host various local Government Agency events - he observes and practices protocol. Harjit has hosted numerous APEC/ASEAN events, Awards for different genres, Conferences, Conventions, Gala Dinners and special events.Harjit has travelled and performed in various countries in ASIA, Middle East & Europe. He is proficient in English, Malay, and converses a little in French, Italian & Arabic.His ability to engage with his audience and think on his feet has earned him numerous appraisals by his clients. Harjit’s corporate styled hosting skills, brilliant voice, cool demeanour, proficient languages and charm has mesmerized audiences.

James Yang

Emcee James Yang is a talented and dynamic emcee whose magnetic personality and infectious enthusiasm rub off on every aspect of his work. His career is proof of his versatility- from celebrities to military personnel and countless event/wedding companies, he’s collaborated with them all.Events are not just about entertainment, they’re also about creating great memories and connections. Dynamic, versatile, and bilingual, Emcee James Yang combines his unique style with over 12 years of extensive international experience to guarantee the perfect tone for your next big event.Always in demand, book Emcee James today for your next event to avoid disappointment!

Jeff Tan

With the simple goal of putting a smile on everyone’s face, Jeff is able to ELECTRIFY; REACT; ENGAGE and most importantly ENTERTAIN!One of the New Generation of Event Hosts to hit the industry, Jeff is a fun filled package ideal for hosting your upcoming Dinner and Dance. His Friendly demeanor and Slapstick Humour will have your guests roaring with laughter with his stage games and show antics!Jeff is also an accomplished wedding host, and will definitely add that extra sparkle to your wedding day!

Kevin O’Hara

Kevin has had an illustrious career in entertainment starting as a DJ followed by Hosting for almost two decades. Over the years, Kevin has cultivated his personal style and counts amongst his strengths, his versatility lies in hosting various themes for both formal and casual events.His forte is entertaining audience with lively humour, putting them at ease and ultimately giving them a feel good time experience at the end of the event. His versatility includes hosting various themes as well as conducting games for audience participation or hosting more sedate formal functions. He has received kudos for his expertise in the entertainment scene, his charismatic stage presence, and adaptability to various audiences. His success as a host and all round entertainer is evident from his varied base of clients which include multinationals, dignitaries, MPs, CEOs & VIPs with renowned establishments.

Moe Alkaff

When it comes to EVENTS... Don't say Eeny Meeny Miny... JUST SAY MOE!!!Talented ! Versatile ! Fun ! One of Singapore's most natural entertainers. Moe captures an audience and keeps them entertained throughout. Lovable, easy going and charming. Moe started out a DJ in the 80s learning the trade from the masters of the day. He entered numerous dance competitions at the same time as he loved his dancing and has a natural flair for dance.He has rhythm by the truck load. And an ear for music. Moe stretches himself to the limit....... he loves a challenge and will push himself hard to get the right results. His talents are numerous........ he creates sounds, puts together music, raps, dances and acts; as well as hosts ............ He has been on TV and the big screen though he loves the stage best. With such a big personality, it isn't surprising at all.

Rico Smith

Rico, with his exuberant personality and more than 20 years of entertainment experience, this virtuoso behind the microphone has firmly established himself as one of Singapore's finest personalities. He is also a well-known personality on the airwaves – Rico had his very own hit radio program from 2000 - 2005, LIBERATION, on WKRZ 91.3FM The Most Music Station in Singapore.As a full-time and highly experienced entertainer, Rico has enthralled audiences across the globe in various countries, such as, France, Turkey, Jordan, Australia, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Egypt…..just to name a few. His vivacious and energetic personality captivates, motivates and sustains audience interaction and participation.Rico is a sure winner for your social functions and corporate events. He has served as Master of Ceremonies and Entertainment Host at corporate theme events for an impressive list of multinational companies including Citibank, HDB, MTV, Samsung, and Shell.Renowned for his hilarious stage games and mysterious mind-boggling mentalism. Rico is a natural when it comes to entertaining and making sure everyone enjoys a good time - he loves his job and it certainly shows!

Shandy Tan

An elegant, up and coming female emcee who is effectively bilingual in both English and Mandarin, Shandy is eloquent in the way she presents herself and speaks. With a well-loved personality, she connects easily with audiences of all kinds.Shandy’s natural gift with people, coupled with her multilingual abilities to speak some Malay and Japanese, makes her a top choice for hosting a variety of events – local or overseas, formal or informal, with a young or matured audience. Charismatic and witty, she will get your audience going with mass participatory games and hilarious commentary.With an educational background in Mass Communications, not only is Shandy a natural while presenting live on TV, she has also honed her research and interviewing skills.Shandy has interviewed or co-hosted with various international and local stars, including Jackie Chan, Robbie Fowler and the Liverpool Legends, radio presenters Mike Kasem, Jeremy Ratnam, Yong Mei and Lee Lian, MediaCorp Artiste Elvin Ng, Singer and Actress Cheryl Wee, Getai entertainers Lim Ru Ping and Hao Hao, and the cast of “Ah Boys To Men”.As the top student in Communications and Media Marketing, Shandy gains the advantage of not only understanding what the audience wants but also what the brand needs.

Sharina Bynes

Charismatic and Personable, known for her voice, energy and personality, Sharina is a show host brimming full of energy that can definitely hype up your event.An experienced host with more then 10 years in the entertainment industry, Sharina has great diction and clarity, providing you with ease of mind when she is hosting your event.One of the most sought after hosts for sporting and outdoor events, the versatile Sharina also excels in hosting corporate events.Don't wait! give your event that dynamic burst of energy and click on the button below for booking enquiries!

Sylvia Tham

Sylvia began hosting events close to 20 years ago. She is effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin.She is also being described as one of  the best and fluent Cantonese emcee. Watch her switch with ease and deliver stage presence fluently and effectively between three different languages.Armed with an Honours degree, Sylvia is full of energy and professionalism. She is eloquent, witty and classy.Aside from her talent in Emceeing, Sylvia is also an accomplished singer, having won many singing competitions, making her an all-rounded entertainer too.The combination of her personality and her presence of mind on stage ensures that the events she hosts not only run like clockwork, but are also memorable. With her radio DJ experience, it adds another dimension to her skills as an emcee. She is able to use her distinctive radio voice to connect with every target audience, making every word and message count. Sylvia work closely with every event partner/client and is always mindful of putting the client best interests first.

Terrence Yang

Terrence is an passionate all rounder performer who has more than 10 years of experience in hosting, drama and dance since 2000.Being effectively bilingual, Terrence hosts fluently in English and Mandarin. His versatility & wacky hosting skills sees him engaging his crowd, ranging from community , corporate and international events. Being well-versed in singing and dancing, Terrence incorporates his talents into his hosting making it entertaining. Many guests were entertained by his lively dance/singing/ creative game styles.He was featured in Mediacorp’s OKTO Channel program “OKTO LIVE SEASON 1” as an energetic and humorous TV-Presenter. Since then, Terrence has hosted numerous events from opening launches, award ceremony, gala dinner, , dinner & dance, family day, festivals, pageant and many other more. Be it local or international event, his quick-witted adaptability sees him distinguish his hosting skill from formality to fun personality.

Wayne Chua

One of the most sought after bilingual Corporate Emcee, known for his young looks and energetic performance on stage.With years of experience under his belt and having the ability to orchestrate the occasion in an exemplary fashion.Wayne has hosted shows with International Guest Appearances such as Hong Kong Artistes Myolie Wu (胡杏儿), Louis Koo (古天乐),Raymond Lam (林峰), right to Singapore Artistes such as Diana Ser, Andrea De Cruz, Joi Chua (蔡淳佳), Adrian Pang, Rebecca Lim and co-hosted shows with numerous female artistes such as Quan Yi Fong权怡凤 & 97.2 FM蔡礼莲 just to name a few.He understands the importance of transitions and has an eye for details as well as management skills to ensure in keeping the program in time. Smooth executions that are succinct, works in everyone’s favour to the advantage of the evening. Being a corporate emcee, Wayne has distinct skills as he is able to set tone for the entire event with singing, dancing with a dose of creativity. Being the “Fun-One”, he is the glue holding the event together.

Wesley Mathews

Standing at 1.86m tall, Wesley is able to take control of the room easily with his PRESENCE and deep voice. His endless ENERGY also rubs off easily to anyone attending his events.Wesley’s ADAPTABILITY and AWARENESS allows him to improvise to any situation. He is also ARTICULATE, HILARIOUS and SPONTANEOUS. From serious conferences to whacky dress-up parties, he can use his voice to win the hearts of his audience.Each event deserves a memorable experience and Wesley marks them with his creative touch. He personally customizes games and props to suit any theme to bring out the most excitement! Mass participation is always his preferred method and engaging the entire audience is always his primary objective.Don't wait! give your event that creative burst energy and click on the button below for booking enquiries!